Integrated Facilities Management

Integrated Facility Management (IFM) is a method of consolidating all of your business's facility services and functions under one outsourced team of experts. From the basic to high-end specialist services for large residential and commercial property portfolios, we deliver integrated facilities management services to fit the unique needs of our clients. Our residential management portfolio is growing and offers a wide range of residential and commercial facilities management offerings; therefore, we structure service level agreements that are specific to client requirements.

Integrated facilities management as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Facilities Operations and Maintenance

Hire our highly qualified, reliable, and well-trained professionals to help you manage and maintain your building facilities. To perform various facilities management services, our team is composed of the following:

Facility Managers

Building and Facility Engineers

Registered Mechanical
Electrical Engineers

Multi-Skilled Technicians (NCII)


Air Condition Technicians
Facilities operations and maintenance as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Proactive Equipment Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is a maintenance strategy that corrects the source of underlying equipment conditions. Avoid costly repairs by proper periodic care of your equipment.

Predictive Maintenance

Thermal Scanning. Thermal Image Scanning easily identifies equipment flaws and pinpoints any hot spots or abnormal temperature invisible to the naked eye. A regular checkup of your equipment can directly benefit you the following:

Cost savings
Non-destructive testing
Minimize workplace hazard
Early detection of potential faults

Preventive Maintenance

We have a specialized, trained, and qualified team to maintain and manage complete Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Sanitation, and other facilities management services.

Sewage Treatment Facility
Fire Detection and Alarm System
Specialty Services

Mechanical Works


Proper maintenance of your generator sets ensures continuous operation of your facility.

Engine Inspection
Main alternator & Controller Inspection
Generator operation test


GlobalFME, in partnership with various elevator companies in the Philippines, provides a safe and efficient means of maintaining elevators in buildings

Air Conditioning Units

GlobalFME not just helps you in your ACUs repair and maintenance. We also install new units and provide recommendations based on our study of the working environment.

Mechanical works as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Sewage Treatment Facility

Having a regular operation and maintenance can ensure:

Compliance with current regulatory standards;
Quality of effluent water;
Effectiveness of equipment and controls

Fire Protection System

Ensure proper operation of your Fire Protection System:

Regular check-up of your Fire & Jockey pump and their controllers
Cleaning of pump house area and checking of miscellaneous components of Fire Protection System
Floor-by-floor checking of your isolation valves and flow measure switch to ensure its operation
Checking of Fire department connection for a sign of leak or corrosion.
Mechanical works as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Electrical Works

Fire Detection and Alarm System – We offer the following services


We supply and install Fire Detection and Alarm System in accordance to the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Code.
Various type can be installed from conventional to fully addressable as desired by the client.

Facilities Maintenance Management Solution (GEField Services)

Is a system used to monitor and manage your field personnel such as technicians in terms of their Tasks, Locations, Inventory, and Attendance.
Electrical works as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Civil Works

Water Proofing

Glass and Window Cleaning service

We offer two (2) systems for this: service

Rope Access System
Gondola System

Repainting Works – we offer:

Epoxy Painting
Interior Repainting
Exterior Repainting

Retiling Works

Civil works as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Technical Consultancy

Supports different facilities and industries by providing consultancy services in multiple areas such:

Facilities Audit

Technical Assessment
Energy Management Assessment
Testing and Commisioning

Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Assessment

Statutory and Regulatory Management

Pollution Control Consultation

Regulatory Permit Consultation

Technical consultancy as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Parking Management

We offer a systematic, safe and reliable management, in addition to systems that ensure smooth parking operations.

Car Parking Management

Car Parking Point-Of-Sales (POS)

Car Parking Equipment Supplier

Traffic System Product Supplier

Parking management as part of GlobalFME facilities management services

Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU)

EMSU is a 24-hour service to attend to residents’ maintenance and urgent essential facilities management services requests. Clients may call the hotline number if require assistance for urgent essential services

Housekeeping Service

Pest Proofing Service

Handyman Service

Breakdown in Utilities

Emergency Advisory

Security Concerns
Natural Calamities
Lift Failure and Rescue
Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU) as part of GlobalFME facilities management services