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Basic Lifekit

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About LifeKit

Our products are different from those in the market as they were developed after consultation with many professionals including those from the US White House Disaster Management Committee, and consultant to the UN and WHO, and with our local Philippine Air Force Search & Rescue Auxiliary (505th Elite Search and Rescue Unit). In other words they are proven and used by industry experts and we are proud to have been able to equip thousands of homes in the Philippines within a short period of time. We are also the preferred emergency kits for major corporations, institutions, BPOs, banks, hotels, Govt. Depts, DRRM Offices and embassies here in the Philippines.

The LifeKit brand of emergency kit is proudly a Filipino brand and is filed under the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. And most of our kits are locally manufactured as part of our advocacy to support the local Filipino manufacturing industry, Our emergency kit designs are the only ones of their kind that are planned with features suited for different emergency situations while others in the market are using just ordinary back packs and then calling them emergency kits. That’s why LifeKit is different from all the rest.
What You Need To Know
Few realize that the bag of the kit itself plays an equally important role as the contents of the kit because the bags need to be designed and developed to:

  • Prevent you from being trapped if you are crawling in the midst of rubble (backpacks DO get you trapped especially if you are in a passage that suddenly narrows
  • Allow the bag to open 180% for easy reach without difficulty (top open bags make it hard for you to search for items especially when panic sets in
  • Enable compartments to be detached as you may need to toss it to someone who is trapped near you but beyond your physical reach
  • Make it easy for you to find what you need through its compartments which are itemized and systematically placed so one look is all you need to know where to get the item you need
  • Have reflector strips in strategic locations where search and rescue personnel will find it easier to spot you
  • Have ample room for you to provide space for your own items of importance or of need
  • Provide flexibility through multi-carry options, in case you need to drag, pull, shoulder-sling or hand carry the kit under the various conditions you are in
  • Withstand the conditions of a calamity (for example we cannot use a dry bag for an indoor emergency as the sharp edges of rubbles will rip it, that’s why we use double ballistic rubber
  • Be tested by actual rescue experts and actually used by them
  • Be lightweight so it will be easy to carry with you. that’s why we are different, it’s because we are specialized in what we do and we take pains to develop something only after extensive R&D done.

BASIC Lifekit 
Bag Type: BASIC Bag
  • Dimensions: 11 × 2.5 × 7 cm
  • Brands: LIFEKIT
  • Size: (11”L)(2.5”W)(7”H)
  • Model: FA BASIC KIT (First Aid Preparedness)
  • Purpose: Basic First Aid Preparedness
  • Dimensions: (11”l)(2.5”w)(7”h)

  • Gauze (3″X3″): 1
  • Gauze (2″X2″): 1
  • Adhesive Bandage Strip: 10
  • Alcohol Applicator Pad: 10
  • CPR Barrier: 1
  • Povidone Applicator Stick: 5
  • Tweezer: 1
  • Pocket Flashlight (with batteries): 1
  • Scissor: 1
  • Triangular Bandage: 1
  • Aluminum Whistle: 1
  • Thermal Blanket: 1
  • Rubber Tourniquet: 1
  • Surgical Tape: 1
  • Instant Ice Pack: 1
  • Safety Pins: 10
 *Items might be replaced without prior notice if due to in-availability of stocks.

₱ 1,290.00